Pitusa searches the world for fabulous clothing and then goes around the world showing it all off. Glamour is their middle name, yet according to NY Fashion Design Examiner Whitney Neal, their message is PEACE! Read what she says below.

No more items to show.

"Their poodle hat as I call it was the most memorable of the lounge. Designer Clara Lago designed a fur hat made from alpaca and it is the softest warmest hat ever. With fabrics from Peru she is providing top quality and comfortable clothes. Pit USA is delivering the message of PEACE with each article of clothing by incorporating the word 'PEACE' on each article of clothing in Hebrew and Arabic. In addition to the hat and clothing they also offer hand made PitUSA inca head bands in vibrant colors."

Kurt Wilberding in The Wall Street Journal also hi-lighted the alpaca hat, displaying a large photo of "Writer and food critic Laila Gohar" in "a Peruvian alpaca fur, pom-pom hat made by Pitusa."