Jan Townsend invites you to view a unique collection of hats she has designed and made for Jacob James. Beautifully tailored from two kinds of eco-friendly fabrics, the hats are made by a cottage industry of skilled women in England working at home. An authentic British production that reminds us in a wonderful way of Gandhi.

One line is made from fabric spun of a plant that grows in England, the stinging nettle (it won't sting you – all the stingers have been removed in the fabric making process!). The second line is made from light weight felt produced out of recycled plastic bottles. Think about it, polyester is plastic. So why not recycled bottles? Some of her styles were inspired by the 60’s filmic flavour that their names suggest. You will immediately see which those are!

Jan herself hand prints the cotton material that is used to line all of her hats. Even the buttons and buckles are hand made and painted in England.

No more items to show.

We wondered how hats could be made from plastic bottles and stinging nettles. That doesn't sound very comfortable. So we did some research. There are companies that are making super eco friendly fabrics. And Jan is one of the keenest users of their materials. Read more about fabric from recycled soda bottles. and about what is a stinging nettle and how can it become a hat?


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