Morgyn Owens-Celli is a 5th generation straw artist. When he creates his straw hats and fascinators, he is continuing a line of art started in 1831. His mission is to establish a new thought in straw hats by making them as much an artistic fashion hat as one of the humble material from which it is made. Morgyn is attempting for the hat user to rethink straw as something more than just a comfort from the heat and sun of the day. Rather his efforts are in bringing straw into the realm of high fashion. Strawbenders, Morgyn's label does not make a line of hats to feel, but insists on one-of-a-kind art hats or a very small run of a few hats.

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Think of the hat examples as being what we can do rather than what we sell. Most of our work is created especially for the person who will wear it. That is why our motto is "welcome to the hat of your dreams." what dream hat can we create for you?


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