Shear Essence is an integrated US farm that raises its own alpacas and shears them for their hair fibers. The farmers then use the fiber to make felt. They then form the felt in the natural color into hats themselves. Sometimes they add touches of color by adding silk. This is American handmade at its most genuine. After teaching for 22 years in an inner-city school in Mpls, MN, the founder decided to try her hand at the livestock industry. She'd dabbled in fiber all her life so alpaca was a natural fit. Voila!!!! Shear Essence Alpacas out of Northfield,MN. Alpacas are undoubtedly one of the finest fiber animals in the world. It is sheer bliss to be a part of an alpaca's existence.

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Baby and Mommy Alpaca on Farm If you like our hats, come down to the farm, visit us at a local fair or buy it here! We'll mosey on down to post office just for you.


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